Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rockstar Cities

I would hope that all readers have tasted the pure flavorful ecstasy that is Rockstar. As a substitute for coffee, I partake on average 1-2 times per week and naturally enjoy each and every experience. My favorite is Rockstar Juiced (orange can) though I highly disapprove of the recent move of dropping the juice content from 70% to 50%. One of the things I like about Rockstar is the can! Based on pure asthetics, Rockstar Juiced beats the competition (Red Bull or Monster) with the psychadelic background and the loud fonts. The content of the can rocks with an extended list of ingredients as well as a list of cities where Rockstar should be drank. Rockstar lists a number of American and International cities, we need to examine the validity of Rockstar's US choices and evaluate whether the company could do a better job in determing where people truly live the hardcore lifestyle that is Rockstar.

The US cities currently on the can:

San Francisco

The first five cities all seem to fit completely on the can as Rockstar cities. San Francisco has essentially developed into a playground for the very wealthy with numerous cultural and leisure opportunities. Its many famous neighborhods including Nob Hill, Castro, Wharf District, etc. give the city an iconic feel backdropped by extremely scenic coastal hills and vistas. I look forward to partying and exploring the city here soon in September. Hollywood has been an entertainment hub for decades and is symbolic for money, sex, power, and creativity like no other place in America. NYC is indeed the largest and most powerful city drawing singles and upperwardly mobile individuals creating a strong knowledge centered metroplolis, rivaling London and Tokyo for world hegemony. It is indeed the "city that never sleeps". Attesting to this notion, one night some 3 summers ago I took a long subway trip from Flushing (Queens) to Times Square (Manhattan) at 3:00 AM extremely intoxicated and deeply energized after running and hiding from pursuant mobsters. Nonetheless, I hope one day to experience the nightlife of lower Manhattan (SOHO, Chelsea, etc.) and the buzz of Midtown. Miami is the probably the most foreign of the US Rockstar cities to me. Having never ventured this far south in the swampy peninsula (nicknamed America's wang by some)< href="$FILE/06MIDetroit.pdf">home prices have been either stagnant or decreasing. By some, it is also considered the world's least sexy city. I can't imagine the Motor City being a destination and choice for people with extreme lifestyles. Aspen also seems like a fairly odd choice as a Rockstar city. The city is a winter tourist magnet for the rich and sking along with up-scaling shopping do make for a unique place. It is no more of a sking party city however than Vail, Park City, South Lake Tahoe, or Jackson Hole. Experiencing the city during July 4th probably nearly a decade ago, I was disappointed by their poor firework display and also the lack of buzz associated with the 4th there. I know ski towns traditionally are much more alive during the winter but still the lack of activity was disappointing. I suggest removing both Aspen and Detroit off of the Rockstar can.

Possible Replacements:
1. Chicago-Classic neighborhoods of Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville. Sport-centered city with extreme fans and extreme drinking whether it be Wrigley or Soldier Field.
2. DC-Great historic and political backdrop outside the bars of Georgetown and Adams-Morgan. Singles-centered environment with interns, young professionals, intermingling with internationals, politicians, bureaucrats.
3. Boston-Intellectual capital and pub capital of the US.
4. Other Possibilites-Denver, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Atlanta

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