Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Mighty Mississippi

A photo epic of a day-long adventure

Across the oak savanna of southwest Wisconsin

By the windmills

A simpler life, being a farmer wouldn't be half bad

Fennimore, WI. Got into an interesting conversation about credit cards and confusing technology with a woman at Kwik Trip, pretty funny.

What the heck is that?

Into the river valley

Wyalausing State Park, confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, cool place

Mississippi backwaters

The S.S. Flash

The impressive main channel of the Upper Mississippi River, seen from an island I landed on in my kayak. I was amazed by how powerful the river was, it pushed me around pretty easily. There were a ton of boats, a couple of them full of extremely attractive women :)

Back to the landing about three hours later. The bridge between Marquette, Iowa and Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin. I wasnt able to get a good picture, but Marquette is a strange little town, it looks a bit like a movie set. Well, I guess Iowa is just strange little state.


A nice little escape from the "Mad" city back into the real world. The trip was relaxing and rejuvenating beyond all expectation. I did, however, learn a crucial lesson from the day... "I need to get a motorcycle!"

The Flash has crashed onto the scene, just await the thunder!

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Tim said...

Mike, it looks like you are taking up both lanes in the one pic...are you truly straddling the lanes in this pic?