Saturday, June 30, 2007

Live Phish Moments

Just a few minutes ago, I was up dancing around in some type of ecstatic state. No other band or artist takes my mind and spirit to the places that Phish does. The joyful and frenzied moments (almost all completely sober) that have been experienced through their melodic and intricate jamming are innumberable. Many of these are thanks to the Live Phish Series which I have bought and traded primarily with my brother Chill. A brief look at my favorite Live Phish moments.

Honorable Mention: Simple (Live Phish 17), TweezerFest (Live Phish 18), Antelope Jam (Live Phish 7), Wolfman's Brother (Live Phish 11), NICU (Live Phish 16)

10. The Simple jam in the middle of the second set of Columbus has a number of great moments. Check out the irregular Catapult where the lyrics are sung over the baseline of Simple (after intital 3:00 Simple). Also listen to Icculus with the unique lyrics "You think you're too good for the book?" and others make for an entertaining interlude. --Live Phish 10

9. The synthesizers coming in over the bass-filled groove in Ghost (5:30-7:30). While Trey continues to noodle, Page lays mysterious and mesmorizing chords. This foreshadows the rest of this monster Ghost which will remain one of Phish's best for eternity. --Live Phish 13

8. Gumbo is usually one of Phish's most concise and uniform funky tunes. But in Fujoka, signs were in place early that this wouldn't be a normal version. The tempo was slightly slower than normal and the tone of Trey's voice much more mellow. After the last chorus and more traditional type 1 jamming, around 4:30 the darkness enters. The height of the jam lays in the
mystical chords Trey lays down around 7:00 as well as the completion of the rocking transition around 10:00 to 12:00 into Llama. This sick instrumental prowess was only a foreshadowing of what the night had to come (check out the Fujoka second set with Twist). --Live Phish 4

7. The dark and enchanting jam out of Sneaking Sally Through the Alley (7:00-10:00) is unique given the happy and upbeat tone of the song. The way Phish can changely completely changes the aura of this Robert Palmer cover is worth repeated listen. --Live Phish 16

6. In the middle of Tweezer (6:00), Mike leads with the baseline into Tupac's hit "California Love". Trey soon starts singing the chorus but doesn't actually finish, stopping at "in the city..". This may be the first time Phish covers anything hip-hop. They quickly move back into the a sick Tweezer jam, highlighted by the ending around 7:00 of the track with some moving synthesizer work by Page (a must listen, great transition into Free). --Live Phish 17

5. The horn blasts equally matched the passionate singing/yelling of Trey and Fish on ACDC Bag. The Giant Country Horns joined them on a couple of tours in the early 90's. AC/DC Bag was probably one of the most fitting horn tracks (notable mention of Gumbo, Landlady). Check out the entire 5 1/2 minute track for brass magic. --Live Phish 19

4. Listening to most of Denver Jam, you are left in a fairly anxious and distressed mood as the cacaphonic, jumbled creation hits the ears. The jam spirals around 8:00 into an ambient and tranquil interlude that great contrasts the hard and driving guitar of the beginning part of the set (Down With Disease, Olivias Pool, Johnny B Goode). It transitions into Jesus Just Left Chicago, an ironic choice given the blissful and atmospheric feeling in place. --Live Phish 13

3. Peacefulness and celestrial space enter at the end of Twist (12:00-15:00). In the begining of a second set for the ages, Trey's plucking and Page's atmospheric sounds leave the listener in trancendance and meditation. The listener is lead back to earth in the transition around 15:30 into the chorus of Twist...but only for a shortwhile as the listener is then moved quickly into Fujoka Jam #1. Meant for listening in the wilderness of another planet. --Live Phish 4

2. "Good boy, good boy, Lassie, Lassie, Come Home Lassie" Around 27:00 in David Bowie. --Live Phish 20

1. From start to finsh, Chalkdust roars with authority and strength taking the cue from Wilson. Fastward to the middle of the jam around 6:00 to 8:30, Trey leads the listener as he wails at different times and there is a true feeling of a journey. Trey is quite ready to show us the destination until around 9:00 or 10:00 as the majestic guitar line comes to fruition. Around 10:30, truth is restored as Trey hits the peak in almost triumphant fashion. Orgasmic, enlightening, please leave changed. --Live Phish 8

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